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Compact Guide to Web Design (eBook)

Christoph Kolloge
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Based on an evaluation of over 1600 interface elements of websites as well as about 700 online articles, design books, design systems, and own findings from web design projects, this ebook shows you how to design appealing and user-friendly website components.

  • Over 500 Design Examples: Get inspired by design examples, e.g. headers, footers, cards, accordions, modal windows and buttons.
  • Over 450 Design Tips: Gain new insights into web design, learn what the website components are used for and what to consider when using them.
  • Over 200 Dos and Don'ts: Learn web design through positive examples juxtaposed with negative examples for easier understanding.

First, the most important basics of web design are explained, including topics such as color schemes, responsive web design, and usability. This is followed by descriptions of the purpose of website components and design tips.

You will also find lots of information for reference, such as an overview of suitable fonts, as well as a collection of recommended design systems, blogs, resources, and tools.

Free sample

You can download a free sample on the website

Who should read this book?

  • Web & UI designers: gain new insights into web design and design inspiration
  • Media design & interaction design students: learn the basics of designing websites and get design tips
  • Web developers & computer science students: learn the purpose and terminology of website components


  • Basics
  • Container
  • Typographic Components
  • Image & Video Components
  • Navigational Components
  • Form Components
  • Infographics

English and German Edition

The Compact Guide to Web Design is available in English and German. The German edition is available on

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192 pages PDF with over 450 design tips and over 500 examples

September 2021
18.9 x 24.61 cm
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192 pages


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Compact Guide to Web Design (eBook)

5 ratings
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